Stefan Haack´s Loconet Interface


MS-SH is intended to be an alternative to other PC(RS232) - Loconet Interface versions you can buy.
The following features hav been added to standard implementations:

MS-SH is based on the design of the Loconet interface of Fred, developed by Martin Pischky and Stefan Bormann.
All features make it possible to use a PC with MS-SH to act as a master on the Loconet.
Primary MS-SH is intended to be a development tool for RKDCC und PCU(1&2) plus a tool for setting up Fred.

The layout has been released as version 0.3a.
The difference to version 0.3 is that first the 9 pin D-type connectors have been replaced by 10 pin connectors. This way one do not need to solder the D-type connectors but can connect the D-type connectors via flat ribbon cable to the pcb and is more flexible in fitting the pcb into the housing.

Finally there is one major thing you need to take care of:
MS-SH always needs to be connected to a PC, as long as it is connected to the Loconet. Otherwise the Loconet signal will be tied to ground.

User Information

Schematic sheet1
Schematic sheet2
Placeplan (ps 92K)
Placeplan (pdf 36K)
Layout (ps 28K)
Layout (pdf 22K)

One (IMPORTANT) information at last: I (unfortunately) am not able to provide any ready made pcbs or complete assembled modules.
Furthermore I stopped providing any support via email. The design has been proofed working well already during the past four years.

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