Polarity Egg

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This page just shows a handy implementation of Gerald Kleins device. The schematic was captured in Eagle to create a new layout to fit into the egg shaped case "TEKO 10006" from Reichelt. foto

View from inside.

A complete kit with all parts, case, contact clips etched from nickel silver and industrially manufactured board is offered in the H0fine.de shop by Mathias Hellmann. There you find a detailed construction manual with video about the assembly.

The plates should be springy to adapt to the four pieces of track that they will sit on. foto

Schematic and layout

Schematic is here: Schaltplan

The Eagle Files are stored in the CVS repository. They are visible e.g. over the Web Interface. Here is a printer friendly (white background) placement plan:

Deutsche Version  FREMO   FREMODCC   DIY   
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