Introduction to participation in the SourceForge project

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This project uses the servers of SourceForge, to have a web server for presentation and a CVS server for the source codes free of charge. This page addresses those who already clarified with an administrator of the project how they want to participate, in order to lay the technical foundations. The examples and some links refer to the FREMODCC project but apply analogously to all SourceForge projects.

User Name

To join in, at first you need to get a user name. This user name will be added to the project by an adminstrator of the project. After that it will serve as authorization for all services of SourceForge.

Web Server

Unfortunately, the good old familiar FTP client is not sufficient to copy HTML files to the web server. FTP transfers user names and passwords as plaintext. Sourceforge requires us to use an encrypted protocol. General information can be found in the "Site Docs" of Sourceforge. I use the free version of "secure iXplorer" for this job.
In return for the free service SourceForge wants us to place their logo on every page; see Site Docs. For us this has the benefit to enable access statistics.
Special attention deserves the write permission of directories. They have to be made writeable for "Group" to allow other project members to place new files in the directory. It goes without saying that the author has to be named at the bottom of every file and that this author is notified if somebody else needs to change his file!!!

CVS Server

Curious people may have a look into the Web-Interface.
The developers need a real CVS-Client to upload source codes to the server. General info again can be found in the Site Docs. I use successfully jCVS. The version 5.4.2 of jCVS works with the new Java 1.4.

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