Network wiring

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What is inside this 6 conductor flat cable?

  Single conductors of flat cable Railsync A Railsync Railsync A LocoNet data access Railsync A Single conductors of flat cable
  Ground Ground Ground
  LocoNet LocoNet LocoNet
  LocoNet LocoNet LocoNet
  Ground Ground Ground
  Railsync B Railsync B Railsync B
  Connection to
input of
to LocoNet

Free wiring among the modules

In general the cables are arranged similar to the layout - in a star topology without any closed loops. It has to be avoided that the count of plugged connections between the command station and the remote parts of the layout gets too high.
The Loconet-Articles in Hp1 by Mathias Hellmann discribe the mechanical aspect of the wiring (in German)

Network wiring integrated in modules

In what cases is the integration of sockets for throttles, network cables and boosters feasable and desired? What has to be taken care of to make everybody (module owner, the one who sets up the layout and the user) happy?
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