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What is Loconet?

Loconet is a bus system that connects devices like handheld throttles to a command station. Through Loconet the command station gets operated and controlled. It is an invention of Digitrax. If you want to sell devices that use Locoent you have to pay a fee to Digitrax.


Maybe we should be happy that Loconet is documented at all. Unfortunately the only public documentation "Loconet personal use edition" is out of date, incomplete and not error free. There is a mailing list about Loconet at Yahoo Groups. This public list "loconet_hackers" probably is the best way to exchange know-how.

Where do I get devices/software for Loconet from?

  1. Digitrax: Command stations, miscellaneous handheld throttles, computer interface
  2. FREMO: handheld throttle FRED, computer interface
  3. Uhlenbrock/ Modeltreno: Command station Intellibox, IB-control
  4. Logic Rail: LNFC - LocoNet Fast Clock
  5. John Kabat: PC driver software
  6. Laurence Barker/CML electronics: Turnout- & feedbackdecoder, layout control
  7. profiTrain: Feedback module
  8. JMRI project: Java software, (exclusively?) for Digitrax systeme
  9. DIY projects of the loconet_hackers Mailing List
  10. Loconet Over TCP: PC-Software for LocoNet
  11. Lecture about LocoNet: held at Uni Twente 2002
  12. LocoPalm: Palm OS device with LocoNet functionality
  13. RailDriver: Desktop Train Cab Control
  14. Embedded LocoNet: Software/Hardware project with Atmel AVR micros
  15. Blücher Elektronik: Occupancy detector, converter to S88
  16. Matthias Manhart: "Funky": DECT based radio throttle
  17. hke gmbh: radio throttle with LocoNet conectivity.
  18. Hans Deloof: Do it yourself projects and kits: LocoBuffer and LocoIO (originally from John Jabor)
  19. RR-CirKits: Dick Bronson: LocoBuffer II
  20. Stefan Trachsler: PC-Software Loconet-Checker
  21. DCC CH: LocoRoute
  22. Kevin Jones: LocoBuffer-Blue
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