DCC-System for FREMO

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Command Stations

  1. Digitrax Chief
    We started with this command station. In the meantime there are more than ten Chiefs in the property of FREMO members. Till now most of the FREMO meetings were driven by a Chief. FREMO-specific information for the use of the Chief (German only): It is not a good idea to use the chief as a booster, at least not if two of them share a booster boundary. Reasons:
  2. Intellibox from Uhlenbrock and Modeltreno
    On some meetings the IB worked well, for example we prefered the IB over the Chief, because it delivers more power to the railsync lines which obsolutes railsync boosters for smaller meetings. FREMO-specific information for the use of the Chief:
  3. PC based homebrewed command station
    This is a minimal additional hardware that turns a PC into a DCC command station. Basis is the TMW compatible software RKDCC by Rainer Keil.

Pros and Cons of those three systems (german)

Loconet based command stations for at home

The following command stations are to small for usage on meetings, but let you use the locos and FREDs, which are used on meetings, at home.
  1. Digitrax Zephyr
  2. Uhlenbrock DAISY
  3. MiniBox
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