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FRED (FREMOs Einfacher Drehregler = FREMOs easy throttle)

Some history about FRED:
In late 1997 we decided to develop our own handhelt throttle, because there was no throttle on the market similar to our analog one.
At that time the FRED was named SLNTHR (Simple Loconet Throttle); Later Bart Bakker invented the more melodic name "FRED". We used FRED the first time on the FREMO meeting 1998 in Oberwildflecken. After that we optimised hardware and software. 330 PCBs where produced in late 1998 and quite a few FREMO members build their own FREDs. A construction manual is available on the web. Later Uhlenbrock discovered the FRED as an addition to the Intellibox and turned the FRED into a commercial product that was released in december 1999.


Do it yourself

The FRED is a development of Martin Pischky and Stefan Bormann. Information for diy can be found here:

Commercial FRED

Uhlenbrock anounced the FRED as novelty '99. The Uhlenbrock-FRED has a hardware/software, adapted by Stefan Bormann; rights will be with Uhlenbrock. The user interface will be identical with the FREMO-FRED. Rights of the do-it-youself version will remain with Martin Pischky and Stefan Bormann; therefore the construction manual for the FREMO-FRED will remain publically accessable.

User interface

Users manual from Armin Mühl in three languages:

Pictures & reports from assembly meetings

Future developments

  • There are a few people working on new devices. They work with bigger PICs or Atmel processors, have more functions or a digital poti replacement or use a key to identify the loco to be controled instead of the dispatch protocol. As soon as a development effort gets documented, you will find a link here.
  • A not really serious list of design studies

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