Walk Around Throttles

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The following walk around throttles are used in FREMO and are suitable for FREMO typical operation.
  1. FRED (FREMOs Easy Throttle - the original)
  2. FREDI (new FRED, now with rotary encoder)
  3. FRED (Uhlenbrock)
  4. UT4 (Digitrax)
The following throttles are used reluctantly:
  1. DAISY (Uhlenbrock, in German)
  2. DT X00 (Digitrax, in German)
  3. Weitere Handregler (in German)
Additional information about throttle usage:


Foto of FRED
Developers Martin Pischky, Stefan Bormann
Project informationen http://fremodcc.sourceforge.net/diy/fred/fred_e.html
Description First do-it-youself throttle of FREMO
  • Legendary look-and-feel, because it is derived from the old analog throttle
  • Thousends are build
  • Commissioning is not as simple as it could be


Foto vom FRED
Developer Olaf Funke
Project informationen http://fremodcc.sourceforge.net/diy/fred2/index.de.html
Description Second generation FRED. There are two variants:
  1. with potentiometer and toggle switch for direction, as we are used from the original
  2. with rotary encoder as known from the intellibox
  • simpler to build, less components
  • more function keys (F0..F8)
  • simpler commisioning (no adjustment of ADC)


Foto (Uhlenbrock HP)
Manufacturer Uhlenbrock Elektronik
Product information Produkte/Fahren/FRED
Description Commercial version of FRED. The following features are added:
  • More function keys (F0..F8)
  • An additional mode for loco assignment for easy switching between four locos - works only together with Intellibox
FREMO operation
  • Unfortunately quite big, therefore it does not fit in the normal FRED tray
  • In order to reduce the power consumption, the LEDs should be dimmed
  • For walk around operation important: one of the option switches [F1] controls wether an emergency stop is issued when the loco is assigned. Unfortunately this also works on every plug in → disable it.
    There are two versions of the FRED software. The very first one contains a bug that leads to a flashing direction LED on every plug in which stops the train; send to Uhlenbrock & ask for an update. - this bug is only relevant for walk around operations.

Digitrax UT4

Foto (Digitrax HP)
Manufacturer: Digitrax
Product information: http://www.digitrax.com/products/throttles/ut4/
Description: The only throttle with potentiometer and toggle switch for direction by Digitrax.
FREMO operation:
  • Attention with the tiny rotary address selectors
  • Many functions: F0..F12
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