What are FREMO members building by themselfs?

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This page is about manufacturing the wireing for a layout with 6 conductor flat cable. This cable is often wrongly called 'Loconet', although this cabling combines two more or less independent systems: the input bus Loconet for the throttles as well as the output bus from the command station to the boosters that carries the NMRA DCC data stream.
Look here, if you are searching general information about wireing.


  1. Wireing
  2. Loconet
  4. Command stations


The Loconet-Articles in Hp1 by Mathias Hellmann discribe the mechanical aspect of the wireing (in German)

Cable Tester

In order to verify the integrity of the cables, some diagnosis tools were developed.

Function Tester

In order to verify the functionallity of the cables in the system, some diagnosis tools were developed.
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